Two major questions have always driven my curiosity:

“What gathers people together around a table?”

“How will society find the way to reconnect with nature?”

I believe in local and organic food, lots of plant-driven recipes, “nose-to-tail” conscious sourced meat, sharing food and open-fire cooking.

In our vision, sharing food connects people and shows care for those sitting at the table with you while making choices that benefit our planet.

Our cooking approach wants to take in equal consideration the aspect of taste, beauty and health.

BRENSO. is a food project that operates with a sustainable approach towards the natural ecosystem and the workers involved in the food value chain. In order to comprehend the meaning of sustainability in the gastronomic industry, we firmly believe in adopting a zero-waste mentality. By examining what ends up in our trash bins, we can take the first step towards initiating a revolution and effecting change.

A gastronomic pre-industrial eco-system embraces a zero-waste mentality in two primary ways: within the kitchen during cooking, and even before the food reaches the restaurant during the production and logistical processes. To contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future, we must embrace an open-minded perspective on how our society is structured today. This understanding will enable us to adjust our lifestyles to a minimalist critical point. It is necessary for each of us to be willing to sacrifice some of our excesses in order to promote fairness among the population and restore balance to the natural ecosystem.

Believing in a better and greener future, taking care of our beautiful planet becomes a highly fulfilling mission. It is not the time to give up, but rather to continue striving towards a brighter future.

Thank you for choosing BRENSO.

With all my love,