BRENSO. is a living room which can provide a very flexible offer to its friends and guests. We want you to be able to enjoy your night out with a more informal approach. See us as a place where to meet beloved friends and share true emotions, while having the option to choose “ just to drink”, snack something or to go for a full dinner experience, depending on your mood today.

We believe that what makes us special is the combination of professional skills (both in cooking and hosting) together with a relaxed attitude and ambience.

The new location of Brenso. is taking place in an old building (mid 1800) which has been renovated very spontaneously by Lorenzo and his family by using all second hand furnitures (zero-waste design).

When you cross the door of the restaurant you will find an open room with a very warm ambience, mainly wooden made with romantic lights, lots of candles and plants.